Monday, November 17, 2008

Shoes... IN and OUT

God damn it!
My Adidas Supernova Cushion 7 got stolen! Cursing hard the thief... Such a great shoes! Light, responsive, ventilated, comfort and cushioned. Bought at SGD127 last time.

Decided not to buy back the same shoes so that I can try on other. Somehow, this shoes just caught my eyes with its innovative design. Look really nice, Nike Zoom Victory+. SGD125. Took it to ECP for a 18KM 'ride. Narrow toe area. Sole is hard for my feet. Guess it's more like a shopping shoes for me now. Perhaps, a few more run it will fit more to my feet.

Months ago, bought an Asics GT2130 at SGD120, 40% disc. It should be my main racing shoes for now. Once, tried it on 30KM LSD. Light, responsive with cushion. Happy with it.

Do think of buying another pair specifically for training. I am thinking for AdiStar. My last pair of AdiStar Control left some fond memory with me. Great cushion. I felt my feet is proctected. Though it's heavier, but not a problem to me. The weight is good during training.

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