Wednesday, January 23, 2008

GE 30K - 竟然可以顺利完成!

To my surprise, I'm still able to finish the race unscathed in ~3hr8min. Perhaps...
- I had a 'in time' carboloading during a good friend's wedding dinner last night.
- I wore the 'Phiten' that my brother gave to me. Blood streamed smoothly in my body.
- I slept early.
- I took it too easy. No pressure & no target at all.
- It would be the last time that I will wear my adiSTAR shoes. Great shoes with at least 5 marathons by now.
- It would be Tey's last photo snapping as to be serious in running.
- It was due to SAP High Class Consultant's provocation ;-)

Perhaps Love... ;-)

Courtesy from Tey. Reaching finishing line. Man... I really need to snap wedding photo earlier before my hair runs out ;-)

Thanks to Hinwai too. More Pic to view. OXs & PMs are in there.

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