Sunday, August 24, 2008

Busy busy busy wedding (updated1)

Not my 2nd marriage but it's my 2nd wedding dinner on 31Aug2008. 1st wedding dinner done in spore back in 5Dec07. As I've told my frends, it's ironic to loss my independent on the independent day! ;-)

2 things I will pray on that day:
1. No funny thing happens in politics on that day. But, I do hope for a CHANGE!
2. God, please gift me a sunny day.

Sharing our joy:
Here's a clip that I will play on my dinner day.
Here's our wedding shots & a slideshow.
Here's our wedding day montage. Fresh & Hot.


KEAN HONG said...

want the photos i took during the wedding dinner although not that pro la......

chongwah said...

Yes man. Of coz!!!

KEAN HONG said...

ok....trying to upload now! if u have skype, i can send the whole zip files to u, not much la,24mb only!

Jefferi said...

nice.. congrats!