Tuesday, October 31, 2006

雾过天晴- Training days ahead

2 weeks ago, spore was badly troubled by the haze. Everyday was a 'Jenting' day (that's how sporean pronounce 'Genting'). My nose n throat were uncomfortable too. I dare not run as scientifically the haze contains lots of FR (free radical) which is bad for the body. Cancerous! I actually start to chew grape seed as it contains fruitful of antioxidant which would neutralize the FR. Books and Dr's say.

Now, I am back on track. Had ran 45km in 5 days. Just want to push it harder and have no regrets on 3Dec, Singapore Marathon though I know I am behind schedule to hit my desired timing. Well, have to look forward KL Marathon then ;-(

26Oct, 8pm, Drizzle 10K
After work. Rain started to pour lightly. What the heck, we only live once. RUN! Blindly run around the apartment area and going west. Then, headed to north and east. Made a big circle to round Tiong Bahru. I smelt sweat and rain.

28Oct, 7am, Sunny 25K
From Tiong Bahru -> Outram Park -> China Town -> Clarke Quay -> Suntec -> Esplanade -> Marina Promenade -> Kallang River -> U-Turn.

Thought of doing a 30K actually but the route just took me abt 2.5hr... spore is small ;-) The Nike Dry-Fit didn't behave nicely to my nipples...

30Oct, 7pm, Evening Off Work 10K
HSBC Building -> Esplanade -> Marina Promenade -> Kallang River -> U-Turn.

Ran with higher tempo. Want to know how's my muscles doing. OK la.

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