Friday, October 20, 2006

1st Run in Spore - 02.10.2006

Hazy day... Hate it.

This is the 3rd week of my planned 'come-back'. Started to run again after all the things in life have settled down. It is fun actually, to plan and search for routes and roads to run in the foreign soil. Map, verbal and written direction, scaling the distance on the map etc.

My 1st run was quite a blind run. I know where (Padang, our ultimate finishing line in SIM06) I wanted to go but I don't know HOW to go about. The map shows that it's near to my office, HSBC Building & Fullerton Hotel. Somehow, once I 'think' I am going to the right way, an angmo popped out in front of me. He ran like someone who knows well a running route, so I tagged on him from behind. Good, we were running around Clarke Quay. Ups and downs the underpass. Eventually, he was actually headed to his home around Fort Canning. May be he got frighten that a moron was following him from behind and that's had him to change the course?

Eventually, I just ran with my instinct. Somehow, I found myself at Esplanade. Cool. Running along the coastline will let me to Marina Park. Packed with runners there.

After an hour of running, I am back to my office. Feel great. It was a good run. Hope that every cells has awaken that they need to get ready for my coming runs.

It's very safe to run around Spore. The pavements are ample enough. Seldom can I spot a pit or unentertain rocks or building structures along the roads. Sure I will explore more and more running routes and keep the fun and curiosity running along too. Hope I wont get bored too soon. Ultimately, Spore is still a small city. Credit to the local government though, a well organized city. If Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya can match 8 of their 10, I am already a very proud Malaysian.

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Wan Lin said...

From Esplanade, run under the bridge, from there, you can run all the way to Kallang river.

Or, beside the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, there is a road bring you all the way to Marina Bay.

Or, take MRT to Bedok and then take bus 228 or 66 to Bedok Reservoir Road. Run around the Bedok Reservoir Park. 1 lap = 4.3 km.

If you can take shower in your company, Fort Canning Park is a good jogging place early in the morning.


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