Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sundown Marathon wrap-up

It's a special run. A special night run of coz. Can't really tell the running course coz it's still dark. But I am aware that I did passed many many pavements, a reservoir, overhead bridges (according a source in PM1, 5 of them and I hate all 5 of them), HDB flats and East Coast Park (some lunatics offerred us beers there!).

So unexpected with the result. I clocked a PR for myself, 4hr27min.

Maybe some muscles sets were trained after Rinjani.
Maybe I ate lots of rice & bananas after my excessive badminton games on Thu.
Maybe the badminton games itself helps.
Maybe is my Phiten.
Maybe my dinner was Sakae Teppanyaki (Unagi Brown Rice with Shitake Mushroom).
Maybe I am nocturnal! Didn't yawn like I did Night 30K with Ching Tai & co.
Maybe it's the Supernova Cushion 7. Much lighter than AdiStar.

Definately, pressureless mentality helps. Not setting any target time at all.
Definately, a pacing with Ewe Cheong, a new Penang friend helps.
Definately, a pacing with a UNKNOWN lady at the distance between 3o-38KM helps. We kept exchanging lead.

The strong finish really revitalised my thought of aiming sub 4 in my next marathon. Anyway, I always hopeful but never stick to the training plan. What a shame but can't help much sometimes. . .

The island gang! Pre-run pose with Adizero apparel. Very body-fit.

The Adidas Response apparel. The finisher T.
This lady, is the one whom I started to pace from 30KM. Checked her result. 5min faster than me eventually. Courtesy from tekko & Tey who had directed me to his page. My nipples nice huh! The Adizero is too sexy for man. Thin and body tight.


Hoffen said...

Congratulations. Hope to see you in the next race.

慧沁 Wai Sum said...


blueameba said...

Congrates! May be Kevin's spirit helps too?

chongwah said...

any1 know who's hoffen is? Thanks for dropping by.

Yup. hopefully to meet u all again in McD run.

Nope. Not at all. Mayb when I did 84km... mayb... haha.

慧沁 Wai Sum said...

Hoffen is my husband, or some of our friends call him Ben.Hoffen=Ben, :-)

Tey said...

Bro...found u scary flying foto leh..haha...sure u will soon sub 4 liao.!!

Congrate kau-kau lat !!

chongwah said...

wat photo so scary ar... me got scared to hear! haha.

aiya, my sub4 say say only la everytime. 天时地利人和. I need 天时(my works schedule) & 人和 (my wife) to accomodate my training la. hahaha.

felixdbear said...

Hi Chong Wah,

Congratulation for your achievement.

blueameba said...

eh, the vest on sweat is so sexy leh! hehehe...