Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mountaineers - Storm-Over-Everest (end on 13Jun)


You might think twice to try Everest. But, human being human, million of reasons for someone to make such attempt.

Me, I can't dream of it no more. I have commitments now. Maybe, just put my steps at the base camp will be enough... Maybe...

Thanks Ameba. I need such story.


blueameba said...

I've been reading a lots about Everest, the glories of the succeeded climbers, the stories of the survivors, the dangers & the beauty of the Everest. I have seen the stone & metal of memorial to the sacrificed climbers... The feeling to Everest is so strong in my mind.

You think you have commitments, I think I have strenght limitation, both seems the obstacles... but human has unlimited hidden power, who know one day you or I steps on the summit of Everest?

chongwah said...

Commitments is my responsibility, rather than an obstacle.

It's true that human has unlimited hidden power, the 'will power'. But you might not like it. It either could brings out the holiest human character, or the ugliest when it comes to survivorship.

I'm too realistic. I know I wont be at the top. I don't need to. The risk, and the $ to do it are not justified. All I wish is to just trekking around it. It should be a majestic feeling enough for a mountaineer.

Mt. Mera is achievable though ;-)

blueameba said...

Good. Contact Hira ( my EBC guide for good price to Mt. Mera :) Tell him you are my friend.