Monday, September 29, 2008

My new Gadget


Lost my sunglass in NY last year. Have been thinking of a replacement since but in vein. I wanted something meaningful to me. Something that would spur me on, as an inspiration & aspiration.

It's so ironic. While I read his book, "It’s not about the bike, My journey back to life", I told myself to get ready with cancer, and must fight & win it like Lance. My family gen trait does have cancer history. Few months after that, my dad suddenly being diagnosed with leukemia. Somehow, I didn't feel sad, but rather, disappointed with the Dr.'s verdict. I tried to keep emotion at bay. I set my mind like a robot, focus the problem, and try to solve it. Now, I am a bit regret for not showing enough emotion towards him.

Can't wait to run under the sun with my new shades. Thanks ya, Tiger.


Wan Lin said...

戴上去看是真的很好看啦,但想到那美金换马币后,原来美丽是要付出代价的,$$$ :-)

chongwah said...

以前的oakley都是免费的。haha. 这次是以血汗钱买的。会更心疼珍惜。不过,更大的意义是support Lance Amstrong的foundation. 也等于我捐了USD20. OK啦.

june ler said...

seems that u always lose ur thing, sunglass, running shoes...btw, i added this page to bookmark, check back again what u lose again next, hahaha, jes kidding....touch wood