Saturday, December 06, 2008

Hapi 1st Anniversary!


Time flies in light speed. Don't ask me how do I feel abt marriage. I can't be frank here ;-D But, I do feel it's feasible for university to intro a new management subject calls Marriage Management.

Celebrating this mandatory yet wonderful event in 1 of my favorite western restaurants - Paulaner Bräuhaus. To be exact, I only go for its beer - Munich Lager. FANTASTIC! The Curve has 1 too.

That's the 0.5L Munich Lager.

German sausages.
Dessert - Crispy crunchy Silverfish.

Still feel quite unbelievable. Never thought I would get married so soon actually. Maybe my residing hairlines told me so. Hard to have someone who you really sure can spend together for lifetime. Made some bad investments over the years. Luckily, I got my marriage right! Haha.


I feel blessed.

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kennhyn said...

interested to get paulaner weissbier, do let me know. I'm selling it.