Tuesday, December 23, 2008

MALAKOFF 12KM 2008 - 21.12.2008

It has been a while I am missing from Msia's road race. Always, timing not right or having other priority. All OX somehow not even 1 in joining this event. Probably due to the RM30/40 registration fee. Ya, it's not cheap. But to me, I need a race to feel again the joy of crossing a finish line.

I brought along a new toy to the race, Nike+. Never before I logged down my own running pattern.

I am happy with my unofficial timing, 55:33. Graph above tells all. Trapped in the flock of surging cavalry once race started. Darn, I really couldn't get what is in some runners' mind. If you want to tuck yourself in front of the running pack, then please start to run once you cross the starting line la. Somehow they just start to WALK! Arggh, next time, I will choose to stand in front! Right after I got away from the jam, a steep accent followed.

Many said it's a boring route but I don't mind. Just make sure the safety and there's sufficient water station, I wont complain. Although, it's true this is a camel back's route. Saw PM1 500M before making the 1st U-turn. Damn fast. Knowing his finishing time is abt 49Min. A big room for improvement if I am able to be more discipline, which is the hardest part ;D

Next, the GE30K. Should meet some new runners in Spore asap else, I will have to train alone.

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