Saturday, September 03, 2011

Everest Base Camp & Kala Patthar 07-23.05.2011 (4)

10May2011 - Acclimatization @Namche Bazar(3450M)
It suppose to be a relax day but KMeng shocked us with the possibility that he got chicken pox! A 2hr trek by himself to Khunde n paid a hefty USD50 consultant to doctor confirms this awful news. Everyone's mood got affected I am sure. He was determined to carry on initially. Although we know he is a bloody tough guy , but there is a risk for him to get pneumonia n pass on the virus n further disrupt the team formation. We managed to persuade him to stay back at Namche. He had reluctantly accepted the fate. I was bloody distracted by his dismissal. His present in the team means something special. At least, i would feel safer with his mountaineering knowledge he possesses in the team. More fun too. On the other hands, only MChin n me have yet getting chicken pox b4. We were wary the risk. RQing seems better. She joined the group for a leisure hike up to 3700M to an airport. That relieved her AMS fear i guess. We had fostered a good relationship with guide leadesr, Raj n his assistant Dalwat. Especially Raj who speaks better english. I had to switch the room with johny as i was sharing the room with KMeng previously. Until now, me n MChin are yet to get the virus. Naturally born with antibody? Hope so.
Leisure walk around Namche. 

It's an old town sort of feeling. Vintage. 

Even sleep, you need some essential gears. It was a cold cold night.

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