Sunday, October 30, 2011

Everest Base Camp & Kala Patthar 07-23.05.2011 (7)

13May2011 - Acclimatization @Dingboche(4400M)
After spending the coldest night in the room, GWah woke me up with a confirmation news that Choy & Cleong will decent due to AMS. That means, Tiger n TBK will decent with them for the sake of their safety. The team really shredded into half now. Leaving 7 out of 12 to continue the quest. Words of encouragement & comfort exchanged before the final goodbye. It was a somber moment when they officially make a decent. Perhaps, AMS made us more emotional too. I personally felt bloody moody abt the separation. 1st, it was KMeng, now, another 4 gone. There was a sense of emptiness that made me felt this is a imperfect trip. It did cross my mind few times on wether the rest of the group will all fall in the war with AMS. Another bloody cold night ahead. Jammed my Core Suunto again.
The group photo before the departure. 

Explored around Dingboche area & found a remnant of a melting snow. 

Yak traffic. A common sight. 

With Dalwat, the reliable assistance tour guide.  'Poisoned' me that I can do a 6000+m Mera Peak. 
Possibly, the AMS cure to Malaysians. Instant noodle!

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