Monday, March 26, 2007

Remembering Gunung Agung

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Image description (from Wikipedia):
This perspective view shows the major volcanic group of Bali, one 13,000 islands comprising the nation of Indonesia. The conical mountain to the left is Gunung Agung, at 3,148 meters (10,308 feet) the highest point on Bali and an object of great significance in Balinese religion and culture. Agung underwent a major eruption in 1963 after more than 100 years of dormancy, resulting in the loss of over 1,000 lives.
In the center is the complex structure of Batur volcano, showing a caldera (volcanic crater) left over from a massive catastrophic eruption about 30,000 years ago. Judging from the total volume of the outer crater and the volcano, that once lay above it, approximately 140 cubic kilometers(33.4 cubic miles) of material must have been produced by this eruption, making it one of the largest known volcanic events on Earth. Batur is still active and has erupted at least 22 times since the 1800's.

Thrilled to have find such image! The Black Rectangular is Nusa Dua. Imagine when we reached the summit of Agung (Red Circle at Left), this perspective view is exactly what we saw. A 360 Bali View!

The Red Circle at Right, is where we stayed overnight, a small town call Toyah Bungkah. Badur/Batur is at our back. You may aware the Badur/Batur is a volcano that 'grow' within another huge crater! Badur/Batur itself has 3 craters! The Blue Circle is actually another volcano called Gunung Abang but rarely being mentioned for known.

Maybe sometimes next year or next next year, I do wish to revisit Agung and try to go Badur/Batur + Rinjani as well. Kam Meng, let's talk at Cameron ok? ;-)


Kean Hong said...

sound interesting....

Boon Keat said...

count me in... i want gunung agong....