Wednesday, October 31, 2007

5yr Service Awards

Can't believe that I have 'pledged my life' to my current company for such long.

What does this awards mean to me?
1. One-off SGD200 pocket money
2. Darn, time flies. (Time to change?)
3. If in average, my hair falls 200 a day, by now,
200 x 365 x 5 years x 5 (pressure factor) = 1.825mil fallen hairs.
Yes, Im balding... ;-( But, I don't give a damn ;-)

4. Very conservatively, assuming work 50hr per week, then
50hr x 52weeks x 5 year = 13,000hr - (720hr x5) (30days off annually) also ~22% I work in my life.

Say, I sleep 8hr a day, = 56hr per week.
168-56 = 112 my available hours.
112 x 52 x 5 = 29,120hr my available hours in 5yr.
[13,000hr - (720hr x5) ]/ 29,120 x 100 = 32.3% of my active life!

Worth it?

Anyway, what a milestone it is!

1 comment:

KEAN HONG said...

Item 3 has some wrong assumption.
200 hairs drop aday, but u r not add in new hair grown, maybe 80 hairs a day. or else, u not totally botak now. hhaha.

anyway, u r damn loyal!