Wednesday, October 31, 2007

JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge NYC - 06.10.2007

The weather:
The weather was just nice on the running day. Cloudy and not too cold. It's a significant sign of global warming wherever I go.

The Goal:
One realistic goal - not to finish LAST! Not having any timing in mind to achieve as I did not run for months and I was very much in vacation mood. Worse, I was sick.

The Run:
I jogged through the 3.5miles but really not enjoy watching other runners overtook me like Ferraris. My 1st ever running experience with dry air and low humidity. It hurt my nasal system quite badly. My throat was uncomfortable with mild pain after the run.

The Result:
Most of them are serious runners. Just look at their timing. And, we got 34 out of 35 in our Mixed Team category ;-)

The Gallery:
1) The representatives from Singapore. HSBC, Singapore Army - SAFSA (ladies in RED) & SINGAPORE POLICE FORCE - Gurkha (gentlemen in BLUE). Backdrop is the Grand Central in NY. Equivalent to KL Sentral Msia.

2) The aftermath: Half dead face. Puffed hard even I just jogged through it. Start to feel the chill too.3)My teamates. We reached a consensus - the best part of this trip is the shopping experience!

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