Thursday, February 28, 2008

GE 2008 - Cast Your Vote! It matters!

I'm sick of empty promises & primary school ministers.

There's a scheduled work. A regional drill on 8Mar. I'm not able to go back to vote though I really want to cast my 'minority' vote into the ballot box. I'm not refer to RACE. I'm never a racist though I think the Gov policy made every race has a reason to be racist. This coming GE, I hope for a larger opposition seats. We really need a strong opposition!

Since I will forfeit my vote, I could only donate to support the opposition machinery during this "10 thousands rush fire" period.

1. RM100 for Jeff 4 Malaysia Campaign. Here to donate! Look for 512222409165
2. RM100 for DAP for PJ.

We shall never lose hope to our country. We need a change, even a small one would be significant.


KEAN HONG said...

why cant vote dude?
u got 2 votes to cast man..... Saturday! Just go back!

chongwah said...

Of cause I wanted to. But, really can't run away this time. A big deal at work.

Anyway, it's also TOO LATE to even get a bus back from KL to Spore. SOLD OUT!

Which might means that A LOT of Msians in Spore are going back to VOTE. DO hope so ;-)

KEAN HONG said...

too bad......

You should be part of the history to deny 2/3 majority.

just take airasia la....keke

chongwah said...

a stronger OPPOSITION is my only wish. 2/3... I'm realistic though it is never a bad thing to stay hopeful!

May the history be written.

KEAN HONG said...

total changed!