Monday, March 10, 2008

Overwhelming Day - GE2008 on 8Mar

Stranded in Sg due to work commitment. But, what a historical day it was.

I slept until 830pm so that I could be awake later midnight for work. Then, my bro MSN me 'KAU LAT' and paste a link to me.

What a news. Penang Falls to DAP is the headlines. The following news, need no further telling. OVERWHELMING!

Back to the office, some of my colleagues also alerted me on the election news. Actually the TV channels here did bring the news LIVE! Then, came the news of BN 2/3 DENIED which was still unbelievable.

I was very much in excited mood all night long. Sharing my joy with my fellow Malaysian colleagues here. One of them, a Malaccan was so gung-ho that he went back to vote and came back to report for duty. For me, just too far for me and no bus ticket avail anymore. At least, I donated $ to the opposition. Guess that's the least I can do.

The new HOPE
5 new states changed hands. No one would buy that story the day before. A tidal turns into Tsunami indeed. Like the ultimate mandate given to PM last term, the oppositions better live up to the promise. Else, the Rakyat will show what they are capable of. Rakyat has done it once, we won't be shy to decide in the next term.

Syabas, Rakyat Malaysia.

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