Saturday, March 26, 2011

The SCSM 2010

After my dejection in SCKLM, i was so aspired to do a revenge of the fallen act on my next 42k. I began the training well ahead of schedule. Already hitting several quality LSDs 2 mth before PBIM. Did well in 30k Newton run with a satisfactory timing. On the official record, thats my best 20k too. I was overwhelmed with confidence.

Then, the work caught me up. After a 20k run on 24Oct, i find no room to continue what i had solidly built on. What a shame. After a mth of inactivity, i threw myself directly to PBIM 42K. Drawn by penang foods in actual fact. Found Ameba as my pacer of the day. A 6k pace was bearable. At half way mark, mother of rain poured n father of wind joined the festival. That again put my nike + system to sleep but I felt refreshed n instinctively i sped on until i tumbled at 30k whr Ameba never look back from thereafter. Struggled till the end with my worst time of 4:43.

Did thot of forgo SCSM of such inadequate training. Somehow, managed to persuade myself to join the fun albeit it is not that fun if i don't have a target timing to run for. My Macricthie running pal, Chan drove me to the starting line. Thank god coz i later learnt that it was almost impossible to get a cab at that time. Aimed a 4:30 finish. Held no pressure at all but a bit ashamed as i sneaked myself at the 4hr runners section. I jz hate the human traffic, some call the infamous scene 'the cavalry surge'! At 5am, we started the run at the heart of the orchard rd with the glittering xmas lightings n decorations. It was a brand new route this yr. I got excited to explore the new sightings along the run. Indeed, passed by chinatown, back to esplanade and headed to east coast park. Subconsciously, i was able to maintain a steady 5.5 - 6 pace without having too much stress to my muscles. 1st 10k was a breeze. So does the next 10. But i didnt budge to speed off coz i was so sure that i will get the cramp at 30+k. Was i wrong? Amazingly it was 2:55 at 30k, my body told me that i am ok to push the pace but i chose to suppress the desire. I have no trust to myself due to the lack of training. At 32k the familiar contraction did not happen. Not even a slight ticklish. At 3:05, i thot i have the chips to bet on a surprise sub 4 with a 5.5 pace. Musics kept me consistent and on target until all the runners from all categories congregated at the shear bridge. Zigzag thru the crowd was quite tormenting especially the momentum has broken n it's always tough to reestablish the pace again. Steep bridge too. Started to be more rough with the casual runners (no disrespect but bloody hell, they were chatting, courting n strolling) by nudging them aside. Tried to push harder at the last 2k but the time was already against me. But the feeling was great as i did a strong finish. Saw Tey at the finishing line n started to punch fist to the air coz simply amazing with the result. I think he thot i was clocking a sub four with such joyce.

How my body react puzzles me. All i managed to do after the disastrous PBIM was a 5k recovery run n a 10k relax run. Was it bcoz i hv no target at all made my body so relax? Possible. How your body react after 32k would determine the result. Nonetheless, i am still a realist who believe in hardwork will pay off. Gonna look fwd for the next race, if time permits.

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