Saturday, March 26, 2011

I got cramp with 15KM - Thanks to the shoes!

Unbelievable. I have problem with Nike Lunar Elite. After I season it by wearing it for casual and work, I thought it is good enough to serve me some miles.

So, I ran a 15K back from office. Never had such an excruciating 15K run before. I got cramp at the end and my feet were so sore and aching. Crappy shoes for my feet really even though I bought it at 50%!

On the other hands, Nike Zoom Victory+ has been serving me really well although I do not have any expectation from it initially. Should have clocking around 800K with some 'abrasive runs' in Macritchie but still it still look strong! Yeah, it's my trail shoes too. After so many runs, it has become light & cosy to me. Perhaps, I am very fortunate to have a feet that fits to most of the shoes.

Until it has worn down totally, I fail to find a reason to buy a new shoes ;'-( Let's get ROUGHER!

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