Sunday, March 27, 2011

Asics Kayano 16 Treasure Hunted

Most running aficionados will recommend the Asics. But often, the price scares the runners away.

Intrigued by its renown comfort fit, I slipped a pair of Kayano 17 in a Junction 8's Royal Sporting Hse to try out. But there's no size 9. The salesboy was cordially alerted me that Kayano 16 is on 50% discount! Got size 9? Yes! Fantabulous! Bought it at SGD135 (RM323).

Slip my feet into the shoes and it's a love at first try. My feet loves it! Can't wait to bring it out for run! For now, Im stacking it in my storeroom before my Nike Victory+ is totally worn out.

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